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The Unfamiliar

 As I was driving to a restaurant, in a different city, I had to take an unfamiliar route than usual. It was night time and the road did not have any street lights. I arrived to the restaurant,received my to-go order, and proceeded to head to my destination. I made up my mind that I was going to take road-5the familiar road because I was more comfortable with that route.

However, the Lord pressed on my heart to go the way that I came, which was that dreaded unfamiliar path. I originally did not listen and was headed the way I wanted to go because it was familiar. God spoke loudly and wanted me to make a U-turn. I finally complied and followed his directions. I made the U-turn and headed down the path of the unfamiliar.

As I drove down the two lane road, it was extremely dark. The only lights were the headlights on my car. There were dips in the road and wildlife (deer) on the side of the road that could have jumped in front of my car at any moment. Anxiety and fear creeped into my spirit because I did not know what was coming or what could happen on this pitch black path. The road was unfamiliar and all I had was God.

During the short drive, down the unfamiliar path, the Lord showed me that the anxiety and fear which crippled me during the drive is what occurs in my everyday life. It is hard for me to surrender every area of my life because it would leave me completely in unfamiliar territory. I do not know about you but I do NOT like unfamiliar paths. I like to know where I am going, who is going to be there, how long, what should I wear etc. I like to be in a zone of comfort and that path showed me that I need to rely on God.

When the path is dark in your life and you do not know what is ahead, one has to be comforted in that God told you to go down that road for a reason. It may not be comfortable but just keep pushing, the end mark is near. Once I started to see my destination, the anxiety let up and I began to get joy in my heart. That is a correlation with trials in life. While we are going through tribulations, it may be uneasy but the end result will bring joy and peace.

Everything in life happens for a reason and will work out for your good. God was teaching me a lesson about unfamiliar territory and wanted me to rest in the fact that I can trust him. If I would not have listened to him I would have missed out a sweet lesson he was trying to display.

You may not understand and have doubt regarding the next step in life. You may be uncomfortable with the situation you are in but relax in the certainty that you can trust God. The unfamiliar will take you to your destination.

Take aways:

  • Be prepared for the unfamiliar
  • You may not understand at the time but just trust God
  • Do not fight the process, there is a lesson to be learned
  • Surrender your life

– C. Allen

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