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I love to ask my elders and read articles on the following question.  What advice would you give to your younger self?  In return, that caused me to think about information I have learned over the years, and could pass on. Below you will find a list of lessons that I hold valuable and have implemented them in my own life. I hope that you can find any or all, useful for your life. 🙂 Top 13

  1. Follow your intuition– Yeah, that uneasy feeling you get, when you know something is not right! Listen to it.
  2.  Just do it– Do you have a passion that you want to fulfill? (if it is not detrimental to your health, morals, values, spiritual walk, DO IT) Try out for that sports team, go to that audition, move to that city.
  3. Listen– Take heed to the wisdom of your elders and wise counsel. You may not like what they have to say at the moment, but they can see what is right for you.
  4. Accept the bumpy roads– There will be some rough times that come up in your life. The more you fight it, the harder it will be. Accept the curve balls. I look at life like a roller coaster. It has highs and lows. All you need to do is, hold on and go for the ride. At the end, everything will be okay.
  5. Focus on self– Figure out who you are. What makes you upset, dislikes, likes, destructive patterns, deep rooted issues. Why do you act or respond a certain way? What traits have been passed down from generations in your family? Does it stop with you? In order to fix particular aspects of your own life, you must figure out the root cause. What is the root?
  6. Let that person go– If an individual does not want to be in or life, free them. It has nothing to do with you.  Try your best not to look at it as a loss, but a gain. When that person leaves it makes room for the right individuals to come.
  7. Rejection is God’s protection– Yes, we all have heard that saying before. However, it is true.  When you do not receive what you want, it can be painful. Remember, God knows what he is doing. Something better is on the way!
  8. Do not compare your life– This one can be difficult in this day in age. Social media drives the world. You see posts of individuals life, which looks so perfect. It’s not! It is easy to want what he/she has. Yet, everyone’s path is different and God ordained. Do not allow what others do, to cloud what God has called you to do. Keep pushing forward and walk in the purpose God has for you.
  9. Allow God to take control– Things may not turn out the way you envisioned. That is the point! It is not about your vision but God’s vision. Get on the path he wants you on and allow him to guide you.
  10. Mistakes will happen– “We fall down, but we get up”. Just do not allow yourself to sulk in your mistakes. The enemy wants you to wallow in pity and steal your joy. You do not have to live in your wrongdoings. Learn from that situation and live freely. The Lord forgives and you must forgive yourself quickly.
  11. Free yourself from people– “If you live for the approval of others, you will die at their rejection”.  One of my favorite quotes. You can do everything right, and people will still find something wrong with it. Free yourself!
  12.  Heartbreak– This can occur with any loss. Whether it is the end of a friendship, relationship, death, job etc. Just hold tight and remember, that heartbreak will not last always. With time and God, healing will come.
  13. Pretty like YOU– You are fearfully and wonderfully made- Psalms 139:14. God made you beautiful. Do not allow the teasing to get to you. Humans are not supposed to have a “one size fits all” body frame. Embrace the way God made you and walk in confidence. You are beautiful boo!

This list can go on and on but I shall stop here. Feel free to leave your top lessons learned in the comments! Remember, we are in this journey together.


C. Allen

4 thoughts on “Lessons

  1. All true, thank you for sharing. Keep writing and being an encourager, motivator, and the beautiful person you are ❤


  2. I often wondered if “love conquered all.” I wanted to believe that, but the frustrations of two completely different people and the immaturity of both can lead to thinking otherwise. One year later, I still can’t shake the love. She was and still is the love of my life. Differences in lifestyle and the infamous “sentence ” stated has held me back. But with every growing day…those things don’t matter anymore….because in the end….well the overall lesson is that “love conquers all.”


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