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What the Health

If you have not watched the documentary, What the Health, I highly recommend you to do so. It discusses how processed food effects the body. It is a life changing documentary and many individuals make drastic changes in their diet, after watching it. What we eat is very vital to our health. However, what about the products we put on our bodies or medicine we consume? Lotion, hair products, deodorant, fake nails, shower gel, soap, polish, toothpaste, etc. All are processed materials and  have disease causing chemicals within it.  Yes, I am with you!  We need all of the products listed,  but is there a better option?

We can eat healthy but some times our immunity may get low and we become sick. If the sickness does not move as fast as we want, we run to the doctor to get something prescribed. Medicine is only dangerous if you do not take the recommended dosage, right?  Have you looked at the possible side effects?  Why would you want to ingest something that can cause hallucinations, liver damage, drowsiness, stomach ache, nausea etc.?

Over the past years, I have slowly eliminated many processed foods and medicine from my diet. Then one day I realized, how much good will that do if I continue to put hazardous chemicals on my body. So I began thinking more in depth, researching and making changes regarding what I use to care for myself, on a daily.

What you put inside your body is important for immunity. Yet, I want to encourage you to be mindful of what chemicals you put on your bodies as well. I believe that God has placed everything we need, in this earth, and does not need modifications. If you watch documentaries on, Indigenous tribes, they know what plant/tree to run to for illnesses, sunscreen etc. No additives, preservatives, GMO’s, just pure natural ingredients. Below is a list of small changes you can make in your life for healthy living 🙂

What to use:

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Toss your lotion and use pure natural oils or Shea butter****

Deodorant- Try out natural deodorants (Whole foods/ Trader Joes)****

Hair products- There are many natural products you can find in your kitchen to put on your hair.  For example: If you suffer from dry scalp you can use pure virgin olive oil or coconut oil instead of store bought oils. ****

Prevention- Sometimes illness do sneak up on you even if you are eating healthy. For example, lack of sleep can cause weakened immune system. If that occurs one can get a cold or some other illness. There are many plant based oils, vitamins, probiotics you can take for building up your immunity. If I feel a cold coming on I drink Echinacea tea with honey and it knocks the cold out. As well as, eating lots fruits and veggies, full of vitamin C.

****Keep in mind, many products may claim “All natural“. That does not mean that it is actually all natural. It may be made with 40-60% natural ingredients and the rest, fillers. I will discuss more about labels on packaging in a different blog. Always look on at the ingredients list on the back of products. Someone once told me this, if you know what all the ingredients are and the if it is healthy for you, then its safe to buy. If not, do NOT purchase. Most importantly, do your research!

Download this app: Think Dirty, you can scan the barcode on the back of products to see the range of potentially toxic ingredients in the brand. The number 10 being the highest and 1 the lowest. The app will also give you a list of alternative products to use.

This blog post mainly targeted physical health. However, WHOLENESS, is the key. Take care of the mind, body, and soul. Be sure to read my other blogs that discuss mental and spiritual health. Remember, we are in this journey together!


C. Allen

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