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Solo Traveling: Pros and cons

Solo traveling has been an engaging activity that many individuals partake in. However, it is viewed as risky to travel alone, especially for women. Yet, there are more ladies getting involved with independent activities and have an enjoyable time doing so. In this blog, I am going to share my experience regarding my solo trip to Bahamas and quick pros and cons to solo traveling! (Click here to watch my Solo trip vlog)

My trip to Bahamas was amazing and I absolutely enjoyed it. The beach was breath taking and the locals were extremely friendly. My itinerary included relaxation and one excursion. Day one, was travel day and reclining on the beach. Day two, was a full day of activities that involved swimming with sharks, Exuma’s pig island, sand bar, and visiting a secluded Cay. Day three, was a full beach day filled with food and beautiful views. The last day (Day four) was a travel day which I packed up and headed back home. Overall, I had a blast and cannot wait until I can visit the gorgeous island again. Now, let’s get into the pros and cons of solo travel.


  1. Itinerary- You can create your own itinerary the exact way that you would like.
  2. Wake/Sleep- You can wake up or sleep in because you are literally on your own time and do not have to accommodate others.
  3. Bucket list- You get to experience a new place that you’ve always wanted to visit and scratch it off your bucket list
  4. Live your life- Have you ever planned a trip or an activity with others but everyone ends up canceling except you? Well with solo travel you do not have to worry about that disappointment. You get to live your life! You are not waiting on others to live life with you. If you do, you will probably be waiting forever. So enjoy life and take that trip!


  1. Dependency- If you are used to traveling and going to events with other people 100% of the time, solo travel might be a little overwhelming and not as enjoyable, because you are by yourself. Try solo activities around your local town and see how you like it, prior to doing a trip by yourself.
  2. Loneliness- You may have moments where you feel alone and wish that a friend or family member was there enjoying the trip with you.
  3. Risk- If you are traveling solo, it can be more risky. Just make sure you take certain safety measures, look at travel warnings and be mindful of your surroundings.
  4. Split costs- When you travel with others you can split all bills 50/50 or how ever you would like. Yet, when traveling solo there are no splitting costs and the bill is all on you.

Click here if you want more details regarding pros and cons of traveling!

Have you traveled anywhere solo? I would love to hear about your experience in the comments!

Remember, we are all in this journey together!


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