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Traveling during covid

Traveling during a pandemic can seem frightening. I actually cancelled my 30th birthday celebration (last year) to a beautiful beach, due to safety measures for my guest. However, COVID is not going away any time soon, so I decided it was time to get back to traveling in 2021. My cousin and I so happened to discuss needing a “getaway”, so, we booked a quick trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico! Let me tell you, it was a great decision we made. Below I will discuss how it was traveling during COVID.

First things first, lets talk about the airport! To my surprise, the airport was extremely packed when we went to Mexico, I guess it was because of Spring Break. Everyone was traveling with their family or friends with the same plans to “getaway”. The airport required you to wear masks, and depending on where you were traveling to, you had to have your negative COVID test. I saw contradictory information regarding have a required COVID test traveling to Mexico. Nonetheless, we took a test within three days of departure from our hometown to Mexico.

Once landed, we got in our private transportation and headed to the hotel (Barcelo Riviera Maya-Adults Only). I recommend making arrangements with a car service prior to landing so you do not have to wait in long lines. When we arrived to the hotel, we were greeted by an employee, given sanitizer, and our luggage was taken and sprayed down with disinfectant. We loved the safety measures the staff took to ensure everyone’s health at the resort. Most importantly, our hotel was restricted to 65% capacity!

All staff members wore masks and stood at entry points with thermometers and hand sanitizers for the guest. The guest of the hotel were required to wear masks in the hotel and restaurants. However, while you were at the beach and pool, you did not have to wear your mask. Inside the restaurants the staff wore gloves and masks. What I liked is even at the buffet your food was served to prevent guest from touching the tongs for the food. Everything was handled with top service and protocols.

Prior to leaving Mexico, we had to receive a COVID test, which there were testing centers at our hotel. That made the process so much more convenient than having to take a taxi or shuttle to a testing site far away. The test was the same procedure as they do in the states but it cost $35. The results were sent back to us later that night, however, if you were positive, you obtained your results within an hour or two.

Overall, traveling during COVID may come with extra steps but it is worth it. I would honestly go as far to say, it is actually safer to vacation during this time, because everyone is on high alert and considering the health of others. So, if you are debating on taking a trip, here’s your sign to DO IT! If you’re anything like me (slight germophobe) just take an extra set of wipes and clean the area that you’re in lol! Most importantly have fun and enjoy!


-Research your hotels capacity requirements if you are concerned about too many guest at the hotel

-Check the safety protocols for your hotel

-See if your hotel has onsite COVID testing

-View the requirements for your airlines regarding COVID testing

Have you traveled during COVID? If so, how as your experience?

Remember, we are in this journey together!


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