Teacher’s Appreciation Week Ideas

This week, May 3rd-7th 2021 is, “Teacher’s Appreciation Week”! As a current middle school reading teacher, I experience first hand how much hard-work, dedication, effort, time etc..(the list goes on and on) goes into education and building our future leaders! I also understand, as parents, it can be difficult to think of gift ideas to give to a teacher! Below, I created a list of five amazing and cost friendly ways you can show love and appreciation towards an awesome teacher!

Teacher Gifts

  1. Gift Cards- This one is easy and goes a long way. Buy a Starbucks gift card (they even have e-gift cards that go straight to an email or text message) and you can even include a cute message, “Thanks A Latte For All That You Do!

2. Water/Coffee Cup- Target, Ross, and HomeGoods have cute affordable coffee or water cups that would be perfect for a teacher!

3. Teacher Tees- Amazon has cute teacher tees on their site! Utilize, Amazon Prime to get an item shipped within two days!

4. Stationary- Journals, pens, calendars are always a necessity as a teacher! You can find these items at majority of your local stores, for an affordable price

5.Thank You Note- Write a thoughtful “Thank You Note” ! Words of encouragement and appreciation mean more than you may know!

Do you have other wonderful ideas and ways to gift teachers around the world? Drop them in the comments below!

Remember we are in this journey together!


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