Teacher’s Appreciation Week Ideas

This week, May 3rd-7th 2021 is, “Teacher’s Appreciation Week”! As a current middle school reading teacher, I experience first hand how much hard-work, dedication, effort, time etc..(the list goes on and on) goes into education and building our future leaders! I also understand, as parents, it can be difficult to think of gift ideas to… Continue reading Teacher’s Appreciation Week Ideas

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Traveling during covid

Traveling during a pandemic can seem frightening. I actually cancelled my 30th birthday celebration (last year) to a beautiful beach, due to safety measures for my guest. However, COVID is not going away any time soon, so I decided it was time to get back to traveling in 2021. My cousin and I so happened… Continue reading Traveling during covid

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Valentine’s day Single Edition

*Cues Living Single Theme music* We are livingggggg single! Ohhh in a 90's kind of world, I'm glad I got my girls! I have always been that girl that loves, LOVE, and romantic at heart. Despite having a relationship status as, single, I still delight in all of the joy and adoration that surrounds Valentine's… Continue reading Valentine’s day Single Edition

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Solo Traveling: Pros and cons

Solo traveling has been an engaging activity that many individuals partake in. However, it is viewed as risky to travel alone, especially for women. Yet, there are more ladies getting involved with independent activities and have an enjoyable time doing so. In this blog, I am going to share my experience regarding my solo trip… Continue reading Solo Traveling: Pros and cons

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How to Balance your life: free Guide

Balancing life, is a goal that many individuals want to achieve. I’ve found that the key to a less stressful life is balance. I go through various obstacles and experience a wide range of emotions, just like many others. However, I make sure to not stretch myself too thin, understand my limits, and prioritize as… Continue reading How to Balance your life: free Guide

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Hope for the Holidays

Holidays represent love, peace and joy to many families. However, for some individuals, the holidays are a symbol of sadness because it’s a reminder of who or what they loss. Whether you have lost a family member, going through a divorce/breakup, moved to a different city alone, job loss, or a decline in finances etc....moments… Continue reading Hope for the Holidays

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10 Tips on Self-Care

Taking care of ourselves is one important value to help us function more efficiently. Between working 40hrs a week (or more), kids, cooking, cleaning, running errands, social events etc. life can get overwhelming. So it is important to take time out for yourself to relax and reset. Below you’ll find 10 quick tips on self-care.… Continue reading 10 Tips on Self-Care